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Dashboards on Fire

for RSA Governance & Lifecycle



Lighten up your dashboards & make them interactive

Keep the focus on the task

Increase productivity

Widen product adoption


Show important messages & make them noticed. Ideal for announcing review cycles, maintenance windows etc.

Various Graphs

Support for many more graph types with interactivity

Implementation Services

DIY or using our services: your new dashboards will deliver value quickly and make your end-users happy


Available as a subscription service

Flexible Layout

Go beyond the fixed layout grids and yet keep the layout adaptive

Dynamic Tabular Reports

Fast & searchable & drill-down enabled. Offering data-grouping, downloads, inline graphs & dynamic elements 

Calendar Heatmaps

Intuitive display of quantitative over time


Build-in visual alerting, dynamic forwarding to any object & page with IGL

Dashboards on Fire - Demo Video

For more information download the product brochure


Available as a subscription service.


Ask us for pricing under

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